Love in the Time of Satanic Panic, 1


Part one of a three-part concept album set in the 1980s. This is the first instalment.

"On Halloween night in 1986, a bunch of kids fell in love. Their parents blamed the devil. Here are their stories."
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Love in the Time of Satanic Panic 2: Dimes on Her Knees


I hope you enjoy this album. It is the spiritual sequel to my previous release "Love in the Time of Satanic Panic." That album was definitely the most expansive, theatrical thing I've done. It was set in a fictional town during the 80s. It was essentially my way of dealing with my odd religious upbringing and "falling in love" with everything from girls to music to horror movies to foreign exchange students and a lot of forbidden things in between, during a time when churchly folks told me not to because love leads to premarital sex, and Satan sucks ass, and God loves you but talks and acts like he fuckin' despises you, and say this prayer so you can go to a heaven where horrible people all go, and avoid hell where all your cool friends, family, and favorite celebrities and metal bands go. You get the picture, hopefully. That still remains my favorite album I've done, but it was less a celebration of anything good and more a way to re-live my escape from a terrible context, middle finger in one hand and the other holding the hand of [insert any high school crush.] I tried not to put myself in any of the songs on that album and turn it into a concept album, hoping to just let the characters do their thing for you. But it ended up being my most personal one, and given the subject matter, of course that was inevitable.

This album, "Dimes on Her Knees," is devoid of really any hate, anger, or even sadness at all. Even the cover of "Kathy's Song" has a bit of a bounce to it. I tried to make as hedonistic of an album as I could, glorifying the joys of sin, advocating a sort of "seize the day" and "throw caution to the wind" credo. If I did my job well, then it will make you want to fall in love with the people you shouldn't fall in love with. I hope it makes you want to leave behind the saints for the sinners, or just inspires you to have a Summer fling. It feels right to do wrong, and none of us even knows what wrong means anymore so what's the big deal, really?

It felt good to record this one.

Musically, this is heavily, heavily inspired by the great Billy Bragg's "Life's a Riot with Spy vs Spy," one of the most sparse and electrifying records out there. So if you need a musical frame of reference to get the most out of this, I recommend listening to that one.

Thanks for listening and your support. Be good.
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