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  1. Next Summer

All instruments and vocals performed by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Co-Produced by Matt Ten Clay and Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Engineered and Mastered by Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio

Written by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover
Copyright Stovepipe Music, 2019


I woke up in the middle of the country
forgotten fields, I ain't ever seen
and in the distance, a woman was walking to me
her black hair cast a shadow between

Her skin was covered in serpent tattoos
an unknown symbol drawn on her head
She spoke in tongues I ain't ever heard of
Strange whispers, and things never said

Seniorita, I wanna see ya next summer
When the silver stars are workin' overtime
We'll take the midnight train into our transgressions
So show me your sins, and I'll show you mine

We took a train deep into Texas
to a town she said she was from
oh the sky, it was charged with lightning
she controlled with her pentagram palm

Oh I swear that her love was black magic
Kisses smoked like a lake of fire underneath
The moon we danced till we fell asleep
in a junkyard tire


I woke up in the same old town where
I was born, and I'll die someday
There was no seniorita beside me
Just a dream I hope returns one day