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  1. Steal Your Heart

All instruments and vocals performed by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Co-Produced by Matt Ten Clay and Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Engineered and Mastered by Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio

Written by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover
Copyright Stovepipe Music, 2019


She's been sinkin' in the good parts of my brain
Where wishes hope to turn into tomorrow
She makes me feel so bad
Happy but never sad
For just a little love for me to borrow

Chorus: I've been wanting to steal your heart for the longest time
And I've done the cheapest drugs just to stay awake
And this might be the sacred cure I've been longing for
Or it might just be my best bad mistake

It makes me feel so wrong to turn her into a song
to keep a secret that could hurt somebody
But all my best-laid plans are dead beneath the sand
and all the good things come to life in a mystery


I'm sorry my good Lord if I have been impure
But if you saw her smile you'd do the same thing
Her face in black n' white, photographed at night
My sinful piece of joy must count for something