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  1. Wendy Can't Win

All instruments and vocals performed by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Co-Produced by Matt Ten Clay and Justin "Stovepipe" Stover

Engineered and Mastered by Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio

Written by Justin "Stovepipe" Stover
Copyright Stovepipe Music, 2019


She went to hell on the brink of salvation
and then she escaped right before the great purge

When the devil sent all the lost souls into heaven
But Wendy would wander the cold empty earth

And there were still neighbors in her hometown
And glass in the windows where the people came in
Then they would all whisper when she'd pass by them
They'd give her the name called "Wendy Can't Win

Back in the day she was always promoted
to jobs that were cut by the end of the week
she would write poems onto crumbling paper
and cast fishin' lines into emptying creeks
pretty as snow ashes falling through street lights
smart as a sage from some forgotten time
I wish I could find her, to tell her I need her
the failures, mistakes, and the luck she can't find


Wendy if you find yourself thinking about me
as you walk through embers of yesterdays gone
Then send me a flair, light it up through the night sky
The kind that can't burn out or leave us alone